Monday, June 20, 2016

6 Types of Car hire Services in Nigeria for Business Travelers and Tourists

Car hire or Car Rental Service as they are also called in Nigeria is quite an interesting topic to analyse, as a business traveler or tourist to Nigeria at large or specific cities within the country such as Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano or Jos to name a few, car hire service will always come in handy for those who can afford it and need it. There are various options These are 6 types of car rental services I would like to talk about, kindly take note of;

Long term Car Rental/Hire
This refers to car rental service that exceeds 90 days. Perhaps you would be relocating to Abuja, Lagos or Port Harcourt for short stay perhaps on business or contract work for 90 days or more and won’t like to use taxis nor would you really need to buy a car for you short stay during this period what do you do? Take this car hire service and enjoy discounts from a reputable car hire service, it would turn out to be a cost effective option for you especially since its almost the cost of getting a high grade second hand car to use for that period of your stay.

Drop Off Car Hire Service
This refers to car hire service in which the client is taken to a desired location and dropped at his destination without option of being picked up thereafter. This service is especially suitable for travelers heading for the airport and who don’t want to miss their flights or appointments. If you opt for this service what you need to be assured of is prompt and professional service from the car rental company as you depend heavily on their efficiency in order not to run late for very important business meetings or events. 

Pick up Car Rental Service
The other option available is pickup car rental service which happens mostly to visitors entering a city for the first time or returnees who may not have someone handy to pick them up from the airport upon arrival. Pick up car rental is relatively safer than using a taxi service and more convenient than say having a friend or relative with a tight schedule to come pick you up from the airport.  

Daily Hire Car Rental Service
This refers to daily hire of cars mostly for official purposes by corporate organisations, contractors, wedding planners, event planners, politicians, churches, film and movie producers and private individuals for social and corporate events, video shoots and meetings. People who opt for this option usually have a ceremonial need for the service such as portraying a more presentable and affluent appearance or adding colour to a show or event. When you have a car hire service like this you may be charged hourly and offered a discount or pay a flat fee to cover the whole day.

Hourly Hire - Car Rental Service
This type of car hire service is done on an hourly basis and is usually for intra-city transport in which the client rents a car belonging to a car hire company for short trips within a city and pays a flat rate per hour the car is in use. This type of service is suitable for tourists on site seeing, excursions and other short trips within a city. 

Inter-State Car hire Service
For trips between two cities, towns or locations in two different states this service comes in handy. For people who desire to travel Lagos to Abuja, Abuja to Port Harcourt, Enugu to Port Harcourt, Abuja to Minna and so on this is the kind of car rental service you need and of course it’s the most expensive option to use but is ideal for people who are on business trips to other cities for which flights may not be available and the client isn’t familiar with the city he/she is visiting.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

6 Reasons Business Travellers to Abuja should go for car hire/rental services

If you are new to Abuja and need a reliable car rental/hire service you’d obviously be doing this for one of the following reasons;
To Save Precious Time

Car rental services are professionally run with experienced and well trained drivers who understand the need to save the client’s precious time. Unlike a taxi service where the taxi provider is more interested in either drop off or pick up without working with a time frame in mind for the client, the car rental service ensures that your need to meet up with an appointment and be dropped off/picked up is respected and adhered to. You don’t really need to scream commands, your needs have been well thought out before you called them.

Very flexible service with plenty of alternatives
There are places where a taxi can never gain access to in Abuja such as prime residential estates, government properties and certain office buildings within the city. Your visit or stay in Abuja may require you visiting such place and you wouldn’t want to face the embarrassment of being turned back because you came in a taxi or at best politely asked to alight from your taxi while you take a humble walk to your destination which may sometimes be over a 100 meters away, trust me with the hot Abuja weather you’ll break some sweat and may not be composed for your business meeting.

More secure and safer to use
Abuja is notorious for a particular type of commuter robbery called one chance in which hapless and unsuspecting victims board taxis that are operated by criminals. Potential targets are travelers especially those heading to or from the airport, bus terminals, on their way to work or a business trip within the city. With a reliable car hire service you don’t need to worry about them, a responsible corporate entity provides you with a good car with a professional driver and an iron-clad contract which protects you from unpleasant situations like one chance.

Make a powerful impression
In Abuja image is almost everything. Even if you’re nobody but drive a cool ride for a business meeting that first impression about your car sends a message to your potential business partners/clients about a successful professional/business executive who is here to close a deal. This can increase your leveraging power and position you to closing cool deals that will net you millions of Naira.

Very convenient and productive
May I not remind you of what travelling from say Lagos to Abuja in your private vehicle is like talk more of driving yourself around the city for days or weeks while you lobby or bid for lucrative government contracts. With a car hire service you get your own driver at your beck and call, he does all the driving and worrying through traffic while you focus on your task in the city. This can only mean one thing – improved productivity leading to better results.

Cost Effective for Executive functions
Imagine a gathering of Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Directors and other big shots in government at an executive function where you are opportune to park in reserved area of a top hotel in Abuja and close to one of the big shots and the executive car you hired is the one you arrive with. You may be a junior manager or executive in a small organisation but the big shots who will have a first impression of that won’t even bother finding out more, to them that is a message that you are high up the food chain in decision making which could be a key to unlocking previously shut doors. In times past and even presently it is rumored that people spend hundreds of thousands and even millions of Naira to have a one on one meeting with a minister, a stroke of luck and good positioning could also achieve that.

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